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Fishing Guides And Charters From Around British Columbia

Above Photo: Sunset Over Kamloops Lake, in Kamloops British Columbia. The lakes around the Kamloops area have been known for its great fishing. Large Kamloops trout up to 10 pounds plus on a fly rod, most would say is heaven.

Kamloops Area Lakes.

Over the winter months I will be adding a lot of other fishing guides and charters to the list.

Below I have compiled a list of fishing guides and charters from around British Columbia.

There are charters for Salmon, Steelhead, Halibut and Trout fishing. 

Here in B.C. we have some of the best fishing available to everyone who enjoy the outdoors. There is nothing better than to wet a line in the fresh air on a river, lake or the ocean. 

So many of us pack up the RV, tents, or head to a cabin or resort to get away from the everyday rush in hopes of catching the large fish that got away. 

There are 1,000 of cold water lakes and rivers that hold that prize of a Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Lake Trout (Char), Whitefish, Bull Trout, Westslope Cutthroat Trout and Coastal Cutthroat Trout.

There are other species of fish, such as the Dolly Varden, Kokanee, Walleye, Yellow Perch, Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling and White Sturgeon.

Some huge White Sturgeon are being caught on the Fraser River, a really nice place to stay, is at the Fraser River Lodge which has everything you would need to catch and land that whopper of a White Sturgeon.

These folks can be found at: The Fraser River Lodge - http://fraserriverlodge.com/site/fishing/fish-species/sturgeon.html

We also have some of the best Steelhead fishing in the world, in my home town of Houston British Columbia. Folks from all over the world fish for Steelhead on the Bulkley river, and know one walks away disappointed.

I have posted some YouTube links to video clips on the Steelhead fishing here on the Bulkley River. You should check them out.

Steelhead Fishing On The Bulkley River (Videos)

We also have Chinook, Coho, Chum, Pink and Sockeye salmon in the ocean and rivers. The main prize is the Chinook/Spring and Coho salmon.

Also there is some great Halibut fishing as well. There are so many different species of fish in B.C. waters that you will never walk away skunked. 

Hope to see you with your Fishing Rod in hand !

There will be a lot more fishing guides and charter websites placed into the blog, with 5 months of winter, this will give me a lot of time to work on doing just that.

If you are a fishing guide, or own a fishing charter anywhere in the province and would like to be added in the list I have on my blog, please write with the name of the business, where it is located, and website. This is for British Columbia only, and I will add you straight away. 

Also if you have a photo of what the folks caught while on your charter, please do send it along and I certainly will add that as well.

Thank you, Brian Vike.

British Columbia Mainland.

For the British Columbia mainland, I have the charters given address for contact, but check with their webpages as they might do both, salt water and fresh water fishing. Of they stick to one or the other.

Chilliwack, B.C.

Great River Fishing Adventures.
Cascade Fishing Adventures - Sturgeon Fishing Charters.

Coquitlam, B.C.

M & M Salmon Fishing Charters.

Fraser Valley.

Kitimat, B.C.

Nautical West Sport Fishing.

Masset, B.C.

Escott Sport Fishing.

North Vancouver, B.C.

Chromer Sport Fishing.

Prince Rupert, B.C.

Terry's Prince Rupert Fishing Charters.
Thunder 1 Adventures.
Frohlich"s Fish Guiding.
BC Style Fishing Charters.
BC Fishing Charters | Water Witch Excusions | World-Class Salmon.
Sunset Charters.
Fishmaster Charters.
Northern Bounty Fishing Charters.

Richmond, B.C.

Langara Fishing Adventures.
Westcoast Resorts.

Rivers Inlet, B.C.

Rivers Inlet Sportsman's Club Fishing Lodge.

Sandspit, B.C.

Avid Sportfishing.

Squamish, B.C.

Valley Fishing Guides Ltd.

Surrey, B.C.

Ultimate Sport Fishing.

``Terrace, B.C.

Skeena Wilderness Fishing Charters.
Kalum River Lodge.

Vancouver, B.C.

Biteson Salmon Charters Vancouver.
Lang’s Fishing Adventures.
Salmon Charters Bayshore West Marina Vancouver.
Bon Chovy Fishing Charters.
Silversides Fishing Adventures.
Ocean Adventure Center: Vancouver Salmon Fishing Charters.

Whistler and Pemberton, B.C.

Whistler Fishing Guides.
Pemberton Fish Finder.

Vancounver Island, British Columbia.

For the Vancounver Island, British Columbia, I have the charters given address for contact, but check with their webpages as they might do both, salt water and fresh water fishing. Of they stick to one or the other.

Campbell River, B.C.

Coastal Wilderness Adventures - Campbell River Salmon Fishing Guides, Charters and Trips.
Painter's Lodge.
East West Fishing Charters.
Salmon fishing Campbell RIver (Guided Salmon Fishing Charters) Profish Adventures.
Fishing Storie Charters.
Mid Island Fishing Charters.

Cedar, B.C.

North King Lodge Ltd.

Nanaimo, B.C.

Invictus Charters.

Port Alberni, B.C.

Alberni Charters.

Port Hardy, B.C.

Starfish Charters Ltd.

Quathiaski Cove, B.C.

AG-Fish Enterprises Salmon Fishing Charter.

Sooke, B.C.

Sooke Salmon Charters Ltd.
D&D Fishing Charters.
Bluewolf Fishing Charters.

Tofino, B.C.

Clayoquot Ventures Tofino Fishing.
Tonquin Fishing Charters.
Cleanline Sportfishing Charters Tofino B.C.
Tofino Fish Guides.

Ucluelet, B.C.

Salmon Eye Fishing Charters.
Canadian Princess Fishing Lodge & Marine Adventures.
Pacific Rim Fishing Charters & Guest Lodge.
Wild Pacific Charters.
Long Beach Charters.
Castaway Charters.

Victoria, B.C.

Adam's Fishing Charters.
Foghorn Fishing Charters.
Reel Obsession Fishing Charters.
Beasley's Fishing Charters.
Spencer's Sport Fishing.
Island Outfitters.
Oak Bay Marine Group.
King Coop's Fishing Charters.

Zeballos, B.C.

Island Tides Fishing Lodge.
Reel Obsession Fishing Lodge.

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Travel British Columbia with Brian Vike.

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