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Red Bluff Provincial Park Granisle British Columbia (Photos/Video)

Above Photo: This sign greets visitors at the entrance of the Red Bluff Provincial Park.

Red Bluff Provincial Park is located on Babine Lake, just minutes s
outh from Granisle, British Columbia. 

Red Bluff got it's name from the iron stained cliffs which run down into the lake. 

The park is beautiful, you can swim, suntan on the beach and fish for nice sized rainbow trout and Lake Char up to 35 pounds. 

Also, depending on the time of year, but in late August into September you can take in the nearby Fulton River Sockeye Salmon spawning channels to watch the red colored sockeye  make their way into the channels, and river to drop their eggs so a new generation of young salmon can be born.

Something else which is interesting, Babine Lake is the longest natural 
fresh water lake in British Columbia.

Above Photo: A few washed up logs that could have traveled for miles on the water before 
resting on the shores of Babine Lake.

Babine Lake is located northeast of the town of Burns Lake in central British Columbia, some 177 km (110 mi) west northwest of the city of Prince George. 

It is 153 km (95 mi) long, 2–10 km (1.2–6.2 mi) wide, and has a net area of 479 km2 (185 sq mi) and a total area of 495 km2 (191 sq mi), including islands on the lake which cover 16 km2 (6.2 sq mi). It lies at an elevation of 711 m (2,333 ft).

It drains northwest into the Babine River, an important tributary of the Skeena.

Above Photo: A nice ramp in which you can walk down onto the floating dock. You can tie up your boat, keeping them ready for your next time out fishing or just taking a cruise around the lake. 

There are several provincial parks on Babine Lake. Below are the ones that are listed.

Above Photo: Someone has there boat ready with fishing rods set to go. Please remember to have your lifejackets in good order, as they will save your life.

Below Link: I thought it might be nice to take a short video of the boat moving about on the ripples in the water. The video is just like the photo above. On YouTube at:

Facilities that are available at this Park.

Boat Launch.
Drinking Water.
Picnic Areas.
Vehicle Accessible Camping.

Activities available at the Park.


Full list at the Red Bluff Provincial Park website:

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