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1927 Historic St. John’s Anglican Church Burns Lake British Columbia (Pictures)

Above Photo: The historic St. John’s Anglican Church located in 
Burns Lake, British Columbia.

St. John’s Anglican Church is a wonderful heritage building and is located on 1st Avenue, right off Highway 16. The Church was built in 1927 by a resident priest and later opened to the public in 1929.

When visiting, or passing through Burns Lake, make time to visit this historic St. John’s Anglican Church.

Burns Lake is a very interesting village to visit, besides the warm welcome you receive from it’s residents, it is a fishermen's paradise. 

Above Photo: The historic St. John’s Anglican Church located in 
Burns Lake, British Columbia.

There are countless lakes to wet your line in, and I can tell you from my personal experience, you will walk away smiling, starting to plan your next trip back to this beautiful fishing oasis.

Burns Lake is also your gateway to Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, an outdoor playground for everyone. In this magnificent wilderness you can go boating, angling, camping, hiking and hunting.

Above Photo: The historic St. John’s Anglican Church located in 
Burns Lake, British Columbia.

Above Photo: The historic St. John’s Anglican Church located in 
Burns Lake, British Columbia.

You can hire professional guides to show you around, or you can take on the challenge for yourself, but please be prepared for this undertaking as it is a wilderness park.

Tweedsmuir Provincial Park - North and Tweedsmuir Corridor Protected Area:

Burns Lake and District Chamber Of Commerce and Visitors Centre.

Above Photo: Burns Lake, British Columbia is your “Gateway” to 
Tweedsmuir Provincial wilderness park.

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History: Burns Lake.

Burns Lake’s first inhabitants were the Carrier First Nations communities that spanned much of the Lakes District and beyond.

Burns Lake itself began as a small rest stop for travelers on their way to the Yukon Gold Rush. Many of these travelers spotted opportunity in the rich forestry, fur, and mining opportunities in Burns Lake and the surrounding area.

Bob Gerow, one of the main founders of Burns Lake, entered into partnership with Jack Seely and Howard Laidlaw to create Burns Lake Trading Company. Together, they built a store/hotel and a sawmill on Gerow Island, which would become the hub of trade for the surrounding area. The Village was incorporated on December 6, 1923. The first Mayor was G. M Gerow.

The first newspaper in Burns Lake was called the Observer, published and edited by Sidney Godwin. In the late 1950s, another newspaper, also called the Observer, was operated by Ralph Vipond. It closed in 1961.

The town continued to grow throughout the 20th century. Its current industries have become forestry and tourism, though many workers commute to jobs in the mining industry.

Burns Lake received nationwide attention on January 20, 2012, when an explosion destroyed Babine Forest Products, a wood mill which was one of the town's primary employers.

A number of historic buildings still stand including:

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