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Christmas Lights In Steelhead Park Small Town Houston British Columbia (20 Pictures/Video)

Above Photo: A look at Houston’s old church at Christmas time November 27, 2015.

Since we are getting into the Christmas season, I thought that this message would be a great place to start.

I moved to Houston with my family in 1981 from Surrey, British Columbia, it also was in the dead of winter. The temperature at that time was in the minus 30’s, and what a time to start a new life in a small town and trying to dig frozen ground for water lines, etc. Honestly, I thought I had made a huge mistake, but life moves on and you have to make the best of the situation. Winter passed and Spring and Summer rolled in, and we got things ready for the next winter.

Above Photo: A look inside of Houston’s old church at Christmas time November 27, 2015.

We started to venture out with fishing rod in hand going to many of the lakes around Houston and I couldn’t be happier, the fishing was awesome. The scenery around Houston was breathtaking. Besides all the wonderful outdoor activities that were available, there were more important things that were needed, such as jobs, schools, etc., Houston never let us down, it was all here and it was then that I knew we had found our new home.

Above Photo: A look inside of Houston’s old church at Christmas time November 27, 2015.

Some of my favorite times of the year were Christmas, my daughter and I would wrap up warm and take a small saw and sled out into the back of our property and look for that good looking Christmas tree, cut it down and drag it through the snow back to our home. Later we would decorate the tree with lights, Christmas balls, garland and the tree topper. It is things like this that are so important. 

Above and Below Photo: A look back at the old school house in Houston, British Columbia.

Above Photo: A Christmas tree stands inside the old school house Houston, British Columbia.

Seeing that it is Christmas time again, but now in November 2015, the District puts on an event for everyone in town. In the Steelhead Park most of the trees are covered in beautiful Christmas lights, the bridges in the park are decorated, the old church, school house and a home from years past is also covered in lights. 

Above Photo: The old school house and church at Christmas time November 27, 2015 in 
Houston, British Columbia.

There was a large turnout of young and old all bundled up in warm clothing, even with the temperatures down to minus 12 and all waiting for the official countdown to throw the switch to light up the Steelhead Park. When the lights came on you could hear the roar from the crowd. 
It was awesome.

Above Photo: In Pioneer days when people didn’t have much, they still celebrated and were grateful they had one another at Christmas time and lived in this small home.

The Houston fire department had a large table set up passing out free hot chocolate and hotdogs. The RCMP had their mascot bear talking to all the children and later, another large moment took place with Santa showing up. 

Above Photo: The RCMP had their mascot bear talking to all the children.

It was a fun time for all, and something for us all to remember. 

I took a lot of pictures from Friday, November 27, 2015 of the lights in the park and I also added just a few of the things Houston has to offer travelers, or someone who might be 
thinking of moving to town. 

Above Photo: The big guy, Santa dropped by to visit with everyone, but mostly wanted to speak with the children. Pretty soon he will be taking that long trip around the world.

Video: Lights in the Steelhead Park, Houston, British Columbia:

 Above Photo: Members of the Houston Volunteer Fire Department handing out free hot chocolate and hotdogs to everyone.

One of the first things you see while driving into the town, is the Steelhead Park which runs right alongside of Highway 16 through Houston. It is gorgeous ! Matter of fact my wife and I spend a lot of time walking along the pathways, or sitting down on one of the many beautiful benches that are placed throughout the park. Also another gem you’ll find there is the sculptured steelhead water fountain, very relaxing. You can also find Canada’s largest fly rod along with Houston’s 975 pound grizzly bear on display at the Visitor’s Centre. All this is just the start of your Houston, British Columbia’s journey.

Above Photo: Christmas lights in Houston’s Steelhead Park.

When folks travel to, or pass through Houston there is a wide range of things to do. First of all, we have a number of places people can stay at, either motels and Inn, or an amazing Bed & Breakfast.

As for eating in Houston, there is no shortage of places to visit, from a neighbourhood pub for excellent  burgers, wings, sandwiches, salads and more, or if you like Chinese food, Lee's Garden prepares  some yummy food. The Majestic Restaurant serves up some delicious East Indian food & Canadian cuisine and if you enjoy a great pizza, the Houston Pizza Factory is the place for you. Also for fast food, there is a number of outlets to check out as well.

Above Photo: Christmas lights in Houston’s Steelhead Park.

In and around Houston fishing is at it’s best, for Spring and Coho salmon in the river, Rainbow and Cutthroat trout and  large Char are found in our lakes, but it is the Morice and the Bulkley rivers that are known around the world for some of the best Steelhead fishing you could find on our planet.

Above Photo: Christmas lights in Houston’s Steelhead Park.

In the summer Houston provides awesome scenic trails to hike on, swimming in the lakes, or the Bulkley river. Boating is another popular thing people like to do, if it is by motor, or paddle, there is always an adventure around every corner. Camping is huge here as there are so many lakes to pitch a tent at, or park an RV.

Above Photo: Christmas lights in Houston’s Steelhead Park.

Wildlife roams throughout the area, from deer, moose, bear and a lot of other smaller critters. Four Seasons Park offers baseball diamonds and Houston’s Rodeo grounds. One of the things that I really enjoyed doing was walking through the tall grass and trees viewing items from Houston’s past. From old buildings, to old machinery. Also we have the the Willow Grove Golf and Country Club to get your swing on, or visit the Farmers Market which operates from June 1 through to September 30. 

Above Photo: Christmas lights in Houston’s Steelhead Park.

Winter brings out the warm clothing for a romp in the snow, you can either cross country ski the 45 kilometres of groomed trails around Silverthorne Lake, which is cared for by the volunteers from the Morice Mountain Nordic Ski Club, or go snowmobiling on the Telkwa Range, Dungate Meadows and other scenic areas. If you want to try your luck at ice fishing, there are some really good lakes close to town, which offer up some large fish.

Above Photo: My wife and our dog Peanut looking at all the Christmas lights in 
Houston’s Steelhead Park.

Houston has a new movie theater and runs brand new movie releases, or you can try your luck at knocking down the pins at a fully updated bowling alley. 

Since Christmas is just around the corner, the residents of Houston will be throwing the switch to light up the Steelhead park this coming Friday, November 27, 2015. If you are close by, or traveling through, drop in to take part in the fun.

Above Photo: Christmas lights in Houston’s Steelhead Park.

Things to do in Houston, it’s endless, just bring your imagination and you will find it here.

So if you are planning a trip to Houston, British Columbia, Houston’s Visitors Centre is the place to contact as they have everything you need to know about where and what to see 
while in and around town.

Houston’s Visitors Centre:

Above Photo: Christmas lights in Houston’s Steelhead Park.

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