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Plan Your Next Holiday To Clinton British Columbia (9 - Pictures)

Above Photo: Clinton, British Columbia Museum.

There is a small town, actually it is called a village with a population of approximately 650 people. This would be Clinton in British Columbia. Clinton is located between Prince George and Vancouver in the Cariboo region.

Know matter from which direction you enter Clinton, it always looks the same, beautiful with a country charm. When traveling through the community on Highway 97, which was the historic trail from the famous gold rush days, actually Clinton was founded in the 1860's because of the gold rush.

Clinton attracts tourists from around the world to see wild and splendid scenery. Some of the sights that travelers take in are Hart Ridge, Marble Range, Limestone Mountains and Cougar Point. You can hike, or ride the many trails until the cows come home. Also Clinton offers up some excellent fishing on Beaverdam Lake, Leighwood Lake, Kelly Lake just to mention the few. Wildlife can be seen all throughout the area, from Bear, Moose and Deer, and all the smaller animals.

Above Photo: Clinton, British Columbia Museum and awesome wood benches.

Some of the summer recreational facilities that are available are, basketball courts, two ball diamonds, rodeo grounds, tennis courts and four provincial parks. Some of the winter facilities include a curling rink, cross country ski trails and artificial ice rink. There of course are other things to look into, and this is why it is so important to check with Clinton's Visitors Centre so you don't miss out on anything the community has to offer. Make it a point to spend some time in this amazing small community which has a lot to share with you and your family.

Above Photo - Text below taken off picture on the outside wall of the museum: 

This picture was taken in front of the old Clinton schoolhouse (presently the museum) and is of the class of 1898. The teacher was Miss Powell.

Seen here are: Back Row: Joe Smith, Harry Tweedle, Alfie Smith, Archie McDougall, Oden McDougall, John Tait, Donat LeBourdais, Charles Pollard, J. McDougall, F. Souses, T. McDougall.

Front Row: Lillien Evans, Nora LeBourdais, Jenny Luther, Issie Luther, Alice Luther, Kate McDougall, Eva Truam, Sissie Pollard, Sadie McMillan, Carrie Robertson, W. Walker, Vinnie Hautier, Harry Pollard, James Robertson, Inglis Uren, Fred Hautier, Stanley McMillan, Willie Uren, J. McMillan, L. LeBourdais, Pete LeBourdais, C. Pollard.

Above Photo: Farm and ranching equipment that was used by the pioneers from the past.

Clinton, B.C. Museum - British Columbia Wagon Gallery.

Clinton, B.C. Museum.

Clinton, British Columbia Visitors Centre.

The text information below is about Clinton and is from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Clinton, British Columbia.

Clinton is a village in British Columbia, Canada, located approximately 40 km northwest of Cache Creek and 30 km south of 70 Mile House.

Above Photo: Farm and ranching equipment that was used by the pioneers from the past.

It is considered by some to straddle the southern edge of the Cariboo country of British Columbia, although others consider Ashcroft-Cache Creek, Lillooet, Savona, Kamloops and even Lytton and Spences Bridge to be in the Cariboo. Clinton, however, does sit immediately below the southern edge of the Cariboo Plateau. Clinton has a number of attractions including horse-back riding, big game viewing, hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities.

Above Photo: Museum - This brick building was built in 1892 as a school house and it soon became too small. For many years served as a court house, in 1954 it became the museum.

Every May, Clinton is home to the Annual Ball which features a rodeo and dance. This is one of British Columbia's oldest continual events having first been held in 1867 and was a highlight of the social calendar in the British Columbia Interior for many decades.[3] The Clinton Museum, built in 1892, has a number of historical artifacts on display that date back to the gold rush and founding of the area.

Originally known as 47 Mile House or 47 Mile, Clinton was named in 1863 upon completion of the Cariboo Wagon Road in the area for Henry Fiennes Pelham Clinton, the 5th Duke of Newcastle, who was Colonial Secretary from 1854-1854 and 1859-1864.

Above Photo: The Museum.

Highway 97 runs through the village north-south, meeting just south of downtown with the Pavilion Mountain Road, which connects from Pavilion and Kelly Lake and is the route of the Old Cariboo Road and follows what is known as Cut-Off Valley from the foot of the road over Pavilion Mountain, which is also the route used by the British Columbia Railway although that route does not traverse Pavilion Mountain but comes via the Fraser Canyon via Moran and Arden Forest. The ranching communities of Jesmond, Kostering and Big Bar can be accessed via a road which has its junction with the Pavilion Mountain Road at Kelly Lake, which is also the location of Downing Provincial Park, which encompasses that lake. The same road is the access for Edge Hills and Marble Range Provincial Parks and also for the Big Bar Ferry to the west side of the Fraser River, which connects to the Slok Creek FSR to Lillooet. Clinton was, until adoption of its present name, known as 47 Mile House, that being the distance from Lillooet on the Old Cariboo Road.

Above Photo: An amazing looking bench which sits close to the Museum.

Also diverging from Highway 97 at Clinton is the route of the original Cariboo Road, which climbs a gentler grade up the side of the Bonaparte River valley up to the Cariboo Plateau, via Chasm and the associated provincial park and the community of Lone Butte. The BCR line also follows roughly the same route and has rail stops at Chasm, Lone Butte and the Flying U Ranch, one of the province's oldest dude ranches. Other roads lead east from the Cariboo Road routing to Bonaparte Lake and Bonaparte Provincial Park and various provincial parks in that area. Loon Lake is accessed via the Loon Lake Road, which departs Highway 97 eastwards to the south of Clinton.

Above Photo: An amazing looking bench with some  of the carved pioneers who came to Clinton.

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  1. I came to know Clinton in the early 1960's on my way to Quesnel and my first teaching position. Fell in love with the place and its people. Had the privilege of getting to know Hank Pollard, Mrs. Pollard and a number of the ranch hands. They let me "raid" a junked Model A Ford on their property for body and mechanical parts I needed for my vintage 1930 Model "A" Ford. We stayed at one of their guest cabins. Unforgettable in the best sense. Mrs. Pollard was a dazzling cook.

    Wonderful memories of wonderful people and place.

    In Memoriam....

    Bill Day