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1909 Brick Courthouse Located In Kamloops British Columbia (Heritage Building - 4 Pictures)

Above Photo: 1909 Brick Courthouse Kamloops, British Columbia.

As my wife and I continued our travels in November 2015 throughout British Columbia, our next stop was at my daughter’s home. It is always nice to be there visiting with my daughter, son-in-law and my two grandchildren.

Since we were in Kamloops, and knowing some of the history there, I figured this was a good time to check out some of their heritage sites.

At our first stop, it was the 1909 brick courthouse located at 7 Seymour Street West. It is just beautiful and is a must see when traveling to Kamloops. I took a lot of photos of the courthouse, and I hope you will enjoy looking at them. I also visited other placed in Kamloops, so I will be posting photos and information on these as well over the winter months.

Above Photo: 1909 Brick Courthouse Kamloops, British Columbia.

The information directly below came off a plaque that was on display in from to the courthouse.

Kamloops Old Heritage Courthouse.

7 Seymour Street West.

One of Kamloops’ most notable and well known heritage buildings is the grand brick and stone three-story building located on the edge of the city’s West End.

In 1883, Kamloops became a judicial seat for the County of Yale, and a new courthouse was needed. A wood frame courthouse and jail was built across the street at the corner of 1st Avenue and Victoria Street West. In 1905, when Kamloops was established as a judiciary seat, yet another courthouse was needed and that was when plans for this brick courthouse were developed.

Above Photo: 1909 Brick Courthouse Kamloops, British Columbia.

Architects Honeyman and Curtis designed the courthouse. They also designed several other courthouses in B.C., but they are especially known for their work on the Empress Hotel in Victoria. The elaborate stained glass windows were designed by C. Bloomfield, who also designed the windows of the BC Legislative Buildings.

The Court House was built using local brick and imported granite and slate. It is Provincial Gothic in style and features a slate roof, rolled copper roof ridge, balustrades, parapeted gables, turret, cupola, oriel windows, cornerstone quoins and accents, and heraldic arms. Inside there is a ceramic mosaic entrance floor, oak and fir doors, and juror’s box.

Above Photo: 1909 Brick Courthouse Kamloops, British Columbia.

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