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First Snowfall In 2015 At The Steelhead Park Houston British Columbia (7 - Pictures)

Above Photo: Sign for the District of Houston’s Steelhead Park.

People play hard in the summer time around Houston, British Columbia. The weather is nice so folks grab their fishing rod, boat and motor and head off to one of the many lakes to catch that really nice Trout. Some like to lay around sunbaking, maybe head off on a nice hike, or paddle around in a canoe or kayak, but no matter what people do, they love soaking up the heat. 

 Above Photo: Houston, British Columbia's Steelhead Park.

After a fun summer and fall sets in, people again are busy gathering fire wood and getting last minute repairs done for the long winter that soon will be upon us. Before we know it, temperatures start dropping and that cool rain shower turns into frozen soft flakes that falls gently to the ground. 

Now we know, winter has arrived in Houston, B.C.

Although it is winter, people again play hard, this time were waxing up our ski's, or making sure snowshoe bindings are in good order, the kids bring out their sleds and toboggans for that wild ride down a gentle slope. Nothing changes here in Houston, if it summer or winter, we still get out with our families and have a blast.

I took the photos on December 4, 2015 as we had our first snowfall. One place that never lets you down is Houston's Steelhead Park. In summer or winter, the park looks beautiful.

 Above Photo: Houston, British Columbia's Steelhead Park.

Things to do in Houston, B.C. in the winter months.

The Morice Mountain Nordic Ski Club does an amazing job caring for ski trails at the Morice Mountain recreation site. The recreation site is located approximately 8km off Highway 16 on the Buck Flats Road. I have provided a map which will give you the directions to find this site.

Location map for the Morice Mountain recreation site:

The Morice Mountain Nordic Ski Club looks after approximately 26km of trails. There are easy, moderate and difficult trails which is great for beginners and for the experienced, trails that are more difficult. What ever stage you are at, there are trails for everyone.

 Above Photo: Houston, British Columbia's Steelhead Park.

Also there is 2km's of trails that are lit for night skiing. For the children, there are trails just for them.

Most of the trails are groomed with a Bombardier 400 Plus which does an excellent job. The Morice Mountain Nordic Ski Club also has 60 pairs of skis, also boots, and poles for kids and adults. There is a small fee for the ski equipment.

There is a lot of great information on the Morice Mountain Nordic Ski Club's website, which I highly recommend checking out. This will fill you in on everything the club does and and information you will need to know.

Morice Mountain Nordic Ski Club website:

Also in the winter months, you can go ice fishing on the numerous lakes around Houston. You could ski into Silverthorne Lake, this is also in the Morice Mountain recreation site. 

Above Photo: Houston, British Columbia's Steelhead Park.

There is also Klinger Lake which has some huge fish and fishing is good on Irrigation Lake as well. There are so many lakes you can try your luck on. Just always be safe and check to see how thick the ice is before walking out on the ice.

Here is a helpful website that helps you determine the thickness of the ice, and how safe it should be before heading on out.

Lifesaving Society Ice safety tips from the BC and Yukon branch:

As for snowshoeing, you can strap on your snowshoes and go anywhere as there is 
snow all around us. 

Above Photo: Houston, British Columbia's Steelhead Park.

Now to snowmobiling around Houston, there are many awesome areas, starting with the Dungate Meadows, which is a great place for the entire family as the trails are easy and you can ride over the gorgeous alpine meadows. 

The Telkwa Range is also very popular with the snow machines, as there are easy hills and meadows for the less experienced and a hard ride for the experienced. Another awesome place to ride is at Sibola/Rhineridge. There you can hill climb and a lot more. 

Above Photo: Snowy scene by the Bulkley River in Houston, British Columbia.

Before you head out, here is a good read 

So when going out to enjoy your day, please respect the wildlife and peoples property. 

Also if you would like to see what else Houston has to offer, please drop in, or write to the 

Have fun, and watch out for those flying snowballs !

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