Friday, December 18, 2015

Winter Scene - The Equity Silver Mine Road Houston British Columbia (75 - Pictures/Slideshow)

Above Photo: At the top of the rock bluff the tree tops are pure white from the snow and frost and in summertime you can see the white haired mountain goats laying down sun baking all seen from the Equity Silver Mine Road Houston, British Columbia.

Once again we headed off on a new adventure, this time closer to home. On December 14, 2015 we decided, since it was a beautiful day to take a drive out on the old Equity Silver Mine Road. The road had been ploughed recently so it was like a super highway. The sky was deep blue and the snow crystals glistened in the sunlight.

Above Photo: As you can see by the tracks in the snow 
someone was already out and snowshoeing.

The Equity mine road has been one of my favorite places to visit which is just outside of town. Years back in the summer we would take all the little kids to a spot where they could catch some trout, and it was right at the side of the road. They would cast out their fishing line with a float attached and wait for the float to bob up and down. Of course there was always a juicy worm on the hook. 

Above Photo: One of the meadows on the mind road in Houston, British Columbia.

As they waited, which wasn’t long at all the bobber started it’s dance across the water with the end of the fishing rod bent over. The kids always had a lot of fun catching the fish and releasing them back into the pond. We had a blast just watching their expressions on their young faces.

Above Photo: The pond where the little ones would fish on.

Also in the summer the tall grass grows high in the miles of meadows. Moose, bear, wolves, foxes, deer and a host of smaller creatures could be seen wandering all throughout the area. The scenery along the mine road is amazing no matter what season we are in. 

Above Photo: One of the meadows on the mind road in Houston, British Columbia.

Seeing winter is here, the miles of meadows are a winter playground for all. Snowmobiles can be seen racing through the snow at top speeds, or slowing down to pull sleds across the snow with their family members yelling out with laughter. Cross country skiing is big there as well, or maybe you might like to strap on snow shoes and make a new trail across the landscape.

Above Photo: The miles of meadows to have fun on, and if you look way, way back in the photo, you will see the snow capped China Nose Mountain which was the scene for a large Wildfire on August 11, 2014. Below link to photos.

On Monday, August 11, 2014 a Wildfire was reported and the fire’s location was approximately 15km southeast of Houston, British Columbia. 

The China Nose wildfire consumed an estimated 3,450 hectares.

The cause of this fire was lightning. 

A fire camp has been set up approximately 6 km east of Houston, B.C. just off of highway 16.

Above Photo: China Nose Mountain Wildfire on August 11, 2014 just outside 
Houston, British Columbia.

Also just off the mine road we would find the most beautiful Christmas trees. So many of the trees looked like they were cultured trees that you would purchase at a retail store.  

Above Photo: One of the meadows on the mind road in Houston, British Columbia.

Whatever outdoor activity you are into, the Equity mine road has it all. 

We would love to see you here in Houston, B.C. so we can share this 
wonderful snowy paradise with you all.

Above Photo: One of the meadows on the mind road in Houston, British Columbia.

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