Thursday, January 7, 2016

Houston British Columbia Winner Of The 2016 SledTown ShowDown (Picture)

 Above Photo: This was taken from the Walcott Forest Services road outside Houston, British Columbia of the Telkwa mountain range where snowmobiling is "King".
Actually there were two winners, Houston, British Columbia and Yorkton, Saskatchewan. From what I heard, people from across the western Canadian provinces were voting like mad when a major glitch occurred on the SnoRiders system.
Some folks were not able to vote, while others saw a high number of votes which was rather unusual according to SnoRiders.
SnoRiders apologized for the problem and then to be fair, named both Houston and Yorkton winners of the 2016 SledTown ShowDown trophy.
SnoRiders does a wonderful job in promoting snowmobiling throughout the western provinces and they deserve a lot of credit for doing so. Also it is great to see so many take part in the voting.
From the numbers I saw, the people who participated in the voting for Houston, B.C. sure showed amazing community spirit. There were a total of 64 communities which took part in the SledTown ShowDown faceoff.
A huge congratulations goes out to Houston, British Columbia and Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
I hope to see you and yours enjoying our snowy part of the world here in Houston, B.C.
SnoRiders website and story on the 2016 SledTown ShowDown.

Above Photo: Snowmobile for miles on the Equity Mine Road meadows.
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