Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winters Old Buildings Four Seasons Park Houston British Columbia

Above Photo: Farm machinery and old building sits frozen at the Four Seasons Park in 
Houston, British Columbia.

The Four Seasons Park is located at the western side of Houston, British Columbia off of Mountainview Drive. The park offers up rodeo grounds and a riding arena, along with four baseball diamonds. 

Above Photo: An old dump truck most likely used in the building of Houston, B.C.

Also found in the park are old buildings/homes that have been relocated from other areas around Houston so Houston can preserve their past.

What I like about these old buildings, farm machinery and an awesome old dump truck is how the tall grasses that in the summer time grow tall and almost take over the buildings. 

In winter, the heavy snowfall can almost swallow them up. The setting is left with a rustic look to it which makes for a wonderful scene in winter or summer.

For more information about the Four Seasons Park or anything Houston, B.C. be sure to contact the Houston’s Visitors Centre through their website.

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