Saturday, October 31, 2015

Burns Lake Spirit Square Burns Lake British Columbia (Photos)

Above Photo: Entrance to the Burns Lake Spirit Square.

A great place to visit: The Burns Lake Spirit Square.

From what I found out, in the Spirit Square you can hold all kinds of events, from weddings to concerts and almost everything in-between. Also which is really nice, a stage that performers would use, a great picnic site, an amazing children’s playground which is awesome for the children. 

Above Photo: Burns Lake.

There is something for everyone, such as a nice beach the entire family can swim at, a boat launch for people who want to try their luck at fishing. There is a public dock, an awesome skateboard park and tennis courts. There are also public washrooms in the area.

There is free camping in the municipal campground and you can rent canoes, kayaks and skateboards. 

Also important is, town is minutes away if you need groceries, clothing or gas. Burns Lake also has a nice hospital, just in case.

Above Photo: Burns Lake.

Please contact the Village of Burns Lake if you have any questions.

Above Photo: What you see in the background is a bridge that crosses a narrow spot on the lake. Heading north takes you into Burns Lake, or head south down to Tchesinkut Lake and Francois Lake, and you can take the ferry across Francois Lake to the small community of Grassy Plains.

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