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The Ksan Historical Village Near Hazelton British Columbia (Photos)

Above Photo: Sign welcoming you to the Ksan Historical Village 
near Hazelton British Columbia.

The Ksan Historical Village and Museum is located at the confluence of the Skeena and Bulkley Rivers where near Hazelton, British Columbia. Ksan was founded before Hazelton was in 1866, and was populated by the Gitxsan aboriginal people.

The village has been replicated to show what the community of the Gitxsan aboriginal people looked like from years ago. Not only is it an amazing place to visit, it is a very import part of British Columbia's history.

Before arriving in the Ksan Village, you have to cross over the Hagwilget Canyon Bridge

Hagwilget Canyon Bridge.

Hagwilget Canyon Bridge is a suspension bridge over the Hagwilget Canyon on the Bulkley River, at the Wet'suwet'en village of Hagwilget, British Columbia. The current bridge was constructed in 1931, and later reinforced in 1990.

Three previous bridges spanned the same location, the first constructed by Wet'suwet'en people, generations before white settlement. The Wet'suwet'en later reinforced their bridge using cable abandoned after the disbandment of the Russian–American Telegraph expedition.

The Hagwilget Canyon Suspension Bridge and the Ksan Historical Village is off Highway 16, on Highway 62. Just follow the highway and you will cross the Suspension Bridge and a few more miles down the road, the Ksan Historical Village.

Above Photo: Hagwilget Canyon Suspension Bridge Near Hazelton, British Columbia.

Hagwilget Canyon.

Hagwilget Canyon is a canyon on the Bulkley River of northwestern British Columbia, Canada, located several kilometres upstream from that river's confluence with the Skeena River at Hazelton, at the Wet'suwet'en village of Hagwilget .

Originally spelled Awillgate Canyon the name was changed to Hagwilget Canyon to conform to the spelling used for the village of Hagwilget, which was also known as Rocher Déboulé ("fallen rock"), due to a rockslide in this area which blocked salmon migration up the Bulkley. The Rocher Déboulé Range is nearby.

When you cross the bridge, and to your right, you can park your vehicle in a gravel parking lot and walk back and onto the bridge, from there, look down and you will be amazed. 

On your way back to the vehicle, there is an area set aside on the left with park benches so you can just sit and look at the beauty of the canyon and the rugged mountains in the background.

The Hagwilget Canyon and Suspension Bridge ranks up there with many of the best sights to see in all of British Columbia. Do take the time to stop and visit.

Above Photo: Hagwilget Canyon Near Hazelton British Columbia.

Hagwilget Canyon: The peaks of Stekyawden to the south and the Seven Sisters to the west are made of hard granite rock, which resists erosion relative to other rocks. Of the peaks visible from this lookout, only the tops of these two mountain ranges are sharp and irregular, indicating that they alone poked above the highest limits of the last Ice Age. Imagine the valleys filled with glacial ice up to the highest peaks.

Information on Hazelton, British Columbia.

Hazelton is a village located at the junction of the Bulkley and Skeena Rivers in northern British Columbia, Canada. It was founded in 1866 and has a population of 305 (2011). The nearby larger community of New Hazelton is the northernmost point of the Yellowhead Highway, a major interprovincial highway which runs from Prince Rupert, British Columbia to Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

The Hazelton area comprises two municipalities (the Village of Hazelton and District of New Hazelton), three unincorporated settlements (South Hazelton, Two Mile and the Kispiox Valley), four First Nations’ villages: three of which are of the Gitxsan people - (Gitanmaax, Glen Vowell and Kispiox) - and one of the Wet'suwet'en people - (Hagwilget)

Above Photo: Some of the beautiful mountains which can be seen from the Hazelton's.

Above Photo: These two Totem poles greet you when you enter the Ksan village.

Above Photo: In this picture it gives names to the buildings in the Ksan Village.

Above Photo: Museum and gift shop.

Above Photo: Building to the right is the workshop.

Above Photo: The building with the totem pole in front and resting up against the wall is the 
studio and public washrooms.

Above Photo: Right hand side is the "Wilp tokx" restaurant.

Above Photo: Fireweed House.

Above Photo: Wolf House - Tour Houses.

Above Photo: Frog House.

Below Photos: A bunch of pictures I took on site at the Ksan Village.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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