Monday, October 19, 2015

Heartstrings Home Décor Gifts And Furniture Smithers British Columbia

Above Photo: A look at entrance of Heartstrings Home Décor Gifts And Furniture.

On our drive out to Smithers the other day I was zig zagging through the streets looking for mural paintings to film.

When I turned onto 3rd Ave, ahead of us stood this awesome Moose someone constructed for the store. It is such a great addition to their business.

As for the business, and I do not know the folks who own the store, but it has to be one of the nicest stores of it’s kind for miles around. If you need anything to make your home look beautiful and comfortable, Heartstrings pretty much has it. 

The owners really have done an amazing job making sure everything in their store has it’s place, meaning everything is set up so nicely. Why do I know this, my wife brings me along to the store, but from a guys point of view, Heartstrings is a place I like to shop as well, they have almost everything you would need, and the quality of the mechanize is top notch.

Above Photo: The moose, stands outside the business.

Contact them.

Phone:  250-877-7778
Fax:  250-877-7768

Store Hours:

9am-6pm  Monday-Thursday, Saturday
9:00am-9:00pm  Friday
11:00am-5:00pm  Sunday 

Mailing Address:

Heartstrings Home Decor
3761 3rd Ave
PO Box 366
Smithers BC
V0J 2N0 

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  1. Brian thank you very much for this post. Very beautiful, we (Heartstrings Home Decor just came across it the other day:) Beautiful job!