Tuesday, October 20, 2015

CNR Railroad McKilligan Road Just East Outside Houston British Columbia (Photo)

Above Photo: CNR Railroad McKilligan Road just east outside Houston, British Columbia.

This photo was taken just outside of Houston, B.C. from McKilligan Road. Since I moved from Surrey, British Columbia in 1981 to where I live now in Houston, McKilligan Road is one I have traveled a lot. 

Good friends ran a small portable sawmill from their property close to town and did some logging close to the foot of China Nose, at that time there was some huge pine trees in the area, which were cut into railroad ties for the CN Railroad.

I remember seeing so many Moose, Bear, Deer and all kinds of smaller critters along this drive. At spots along the road, you had a great view over the surrounding area, of course when hiking China Nose, the view is amazing.

What a lot of people enjoy doing, is hiking China Nose mountain, if you plan on checking out what trails there are, visit this website, "Houston Hikers Society" as it will give you details about your hike on China Nose, and many other hiking areas throughout the Houston, B.C. area.

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