Thursday, July 30, 2015

Beautiful Sunset At Kamloops Lake British Columbia (Gorgeous Photo)

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Kamloops Lake in British Columbia, Canada is situated on the Thompson River just west of Kamloops. The lake is 1.6 km wide, 29 km long, and up to 152 m deep. The community of Savona is located at the west end of the lake on the Thompson River. The city of Kamloops is located a few miles east of the head of the lake, at the confluence of the North and South Thompson Rivers.

The lake is bounded on all sides by steep embankments, with level areas found only near creek deltas and around the inlet and outlet. 

The surrounding land is mostly uninhabited. It is classified as dry belt interior grasslands, composed of bunchgrass and sagebrush with pockets of Douglas fir, Ponderosa pine and spruce.

Kamloops Lake is a widening and deepening of the Thompson River, which enters at the east end and exits at the west end. 

The limnology of the lake is controlled by the Thompson River, which has large fluctuations in annual flow, with over 60% occurring in the early summer during freshet (May to July). Lake levels rise naturally as much as 30 feet (9.1 m) from high season in June compared to low season. 

Conversely, beach areas expand by as much as 200 feet (61 m) in the summer as lake levels recede after freshet.

Below Photo: My Granddaughter snapped the photo of the gorgeous Sunset at Kamloops Lake, British Columbia.

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