Thursday, July 30, 2015

World’s Largest Fly Fishing Rod Houston British Columbia (Photos)

200 Pound Steelhead ?

At six times the length of an average fly fishing rod, the World's Largest Fly Rod could theoretically catch a "chromer" that big.

It would require more than a dozen fisherman working in unison to maneuver the 800 pound, and a river 15 boxcars wide to cast upon.

And, of course, you would need a 200 pound "Steely".

Though local catches run in the 8 - 10 pound range, the occasional enthusiast has been overheard describing fish big enough to snap this rod's 300 pound test tip. But, for one reason or another, these monsters are always "the ones that got away".

Over 270 hours of donated labour and 470 hours of donated equipment and shop time went into the construction of the World's Largest Fly Rod.

Originally the idea of local resident and avid fly fisherman, Warner Jarvis, the project eventually enlisted the help of dozens of Houston residents and 41 local companies.

Most of the travelers who stop and stay, or are passing through head over to the giant Fly Rod to have their pictures taken with it. 

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