Thursday, September 17, 2015

From Houston Stopping At Kathlyn Lake Smithers/Moricetown Canyon British Columbia (Video/Photos)

Above Photo: I pulled the car over to the side of the road on Highway 16 and took a picture of a small cloud hanging over the mountain top, seen through a light fog. 

Yesterday, my wife, our dog Peanut and myself drove the three hours from Houston, British Columbia to Terrace. 

When we left Houston, it looked eerie as fog had set in, and over night we had a good frost that coated pretty much everything, but I did have an appointment that I had to keep in Terrace, so we had to go.

Every now and then the fog would lift just a little, displaying one of our beautiful snowcapped mountains here in British Columbia, but it quickly was covered up in a blanket of fog once again.

We continued on our journey towards Smithers, which is a neighboring town from Houston. In spots, the fog was heavier than others, but I did get lucky and took a photo of Kathlyn Lake with the mountains standing behind it.

Above Photo: Mountains seen from Highway 16 outside of Smithers, B.C.

As someone who likes fishing, Kathlyn Lake can produce some nice fish, with Cutthroat Trout up to 1 - 1.5 lbs. It is also stocked regularly with Trout, making it a good place to fish with easy access, plus the scenery is eye popping. The beauty about this lake is, it sits just off Highway 16 where I took the photo from. 

Above Photo: Same mountains, but with Kathlyn Lake in Smithers B.C. in the shot.

Here is a map for Kathlyn Lake in Smithers, British Columbia. Actually, the lake is straight across from the Smithers Airport, so an easy find for everyone.

Also here is a website to Kathlyn Lake Park in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada, this can provide more information about the lake and what is available. 

After taking the photo, I jumped back in the car and we continued to our next stop, which was in Moricetown. I wanted to make sure I got some pictures and video. 

The fog started rolling in heavier in Moricetown, but I took some pictures and video anyway. Actually, the video turned out awesome, the fog made it look great.

This you will love, the Bulkley River funnels through a canyon, and just above the canyon the First Nations people fish in the pools for the Salmon that are trying to make their way up the Bulkley River to spawn. The people use nets on long poles to reach down into the water to scoop up the fish. 

Also there is fish ladder there so the Salmon can continue their journey up river.

Above Photo: First Nations people fish for Salmon with long dip nets.

Below is a link to a video I took of the people fishing, and the spectacular canyon in Moricetown, British Columbia.

Video Footage on YouTube at:

Here you can find some information on Moricetown, B.C. 
This is from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 

In my next posting, more photos of scenery from Terrace, British Columbia and after that, my visit to the Kasan Historic First Nation village. 

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