Monday, September 28, 2015

Timber Kings Huge Log Home Filmed At Hudson Bay Mountain Estates Smithers B. C. (Photo)

Above Photo: This is the log home that is being built by the folks on the 
hit TV show ,the Timber Kings.

My wife, dog and I went for a drive on Sunday, September 27, 2015 to Smithers, British Columbia so I could film some of the beautiful scenery around the area, and there is plenty of amazing places to visit.

One of the areas we explored was at the top of the Hudson Bay Mountain Ski hill. It was raining with a low cloud ceiling, so I was not able to take a lot of photos at the top, but we did find some cabins, and other buildings to film.

Anyway, we still poked around until we came to a massive log home that was being built. When finished, it will be a beautiful home. 

Today, the 28th of September my wife was checking to see if she could find any information on the log home. To her surprise, she found the log home, and it was being built by, and filmed for the TV show, “Timber Kings”.

Above Photo: This cabin can be rented while you are up skiing on the Hudson Bay Mountain.

There was still lots to do, but at least we can give you a peak at this home. It is totally amazing, just a massive home built out of logs.

Below I have provided some links to the area where you can buy lots, it has a map showing their location, and one of those is where the home sits.

Mountain Village, The Estates. (Hudson Bay Mountain Smithers, British Columbia)

The below link shows the parcels of land that are for sale on the mountain, and also gives the prices as well. Also this is where I took the photo from.

(The link takes you to Facebook and a peak at the log home as well)

Also at the below link, the Home & Garden website providing information of the Timber Kings show, you can also watch shows online as well. So check it out.

Above Photo: I believe this was a restaurant.

Above Photo: A look down the Bulkley Valley from 
Hudson Bay Mountain Smithers, British Columbia.

Above Photo: A look at another building on top of the mountain.

Above Photo: I liked the green of the evergreen trees, and the splash of yellow.

Above Photo: I like these swampy areas where you have the living and 
dead trees poking up out of the water.

Above Photo: This is one a person had to see in person, the brightness of the 
yellow was something else.

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