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A Beautiful Place To Visit - Granisle British Columbia (Photos)

Above Photo: Welcoming you to Granisle British Columbia.

A few days ago my wife and I took a drive up to Granisle British Columbia, which is only a 58 minute from home here in Houston, B.C. and  approximately 78.2 km by way of the Yellowhead Highway 16 east and Central Babine Lake Highway 118.

We stopped along the way as I wanted to take some photos of a few things I had seen while driving the highway in the past. As we made our way into Granisle, and on the left hand side of the road stood a brand new sign welcoming visitors to the village of Granisle.

Now I had not been up to Granisle for some years, although it is rather close to home, I just never made it back. Now from my recent visit, I was pleasantly surprised, not only did Granisle have a new sign, but entire makeover on the grounds of the Granisle Visitors Centre. 

Above Photo: Granisle's Visitors Centre.

In front of me was the Granisle Memorial Park, a large area in grass, with a black walkway that felt like you were walking on a sponge, it was really nice. Also on the grounds were new trees which were already turning colors, reds and golden colored leaves with us now into the fall season. 

There were colorful flowers that were still in bloom, evergreen trees which in time will grow to be giants, giving people shade while enjoying in the park. There were new picnic tables for folks to have a meal on, also there were park bench's scattered about, where one could sit back to admire everything that was in the park, and it truly is a beautiful place to be.

Also at the Granisle Visitors Centre is a museum, which holds artifacts from around Granisle, and even mammoth bones from ages past.

Above Photo: Large bucket in the Granisle Memorial Park used to dig up mineral at one of the mines that was operating around Granisle.

If you haven't visited Granisle before and maybe plan to, bring your cameras as wildlife can be seen roaming throughout the area, from Grizzly, Black bear, Deer, Moose and everything B.C. has to offer. Bring your fishing rods as fishing in the area is awesome, I should know as I fished many lakes around Granisle. 

There is hiking past gorgeous scenery, canoeing along the shores of Babine Lake, camping, biking and the list goes on. In the winter months there is snow shoeing, cross country skiing and ice fishing. It really is endless when you have such a wonderful place to visit.

Above Photo: Some of the colorful trees seen in the Granisle Memorial Park.

I know I will be back, and I am sure the residents of Granisle will welcome you to their little bit of paradise .

Below text information provided from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Granisle is a village on Babine Lake in the Northern Interior of British Columbia, Canada, to the north of Topley between Burns Lake and Houston.


The early inhabitants of the area were Carrier Indians, called "Babine" by the early explorers, referring to the distended ornamented lower lips of the native women.

Above Photo: The soft black walkway seen in the Granisle Memorial Park.

The village of Granisle was founded in the late 1960s and early 1970s on the shores of Babine Lake as a home for the families of the miners working in the nearby copper mines. Granisle was incorporated as a village in 1971. At the height of its population, Granisle boasted approximately 3,000 people.

After the last mine shut down in 1992, the community transformed into a retirement destination. Tourism in the area also began to grow and is now the area's main industry.

In 1971 workmen excavating in an open-pit copper mine at Babine Lake discovered the partly articulated skeleton of a Columbian Mammoth. The bones were taken from silty pond deposits overlain by very thick boulder-clay deposited by the last glacier that covered the area. Radiocarbon dates indicate that the animal sank in sticky pond deposits about 34,000 years ago. A replica of some of the Mammoth's Bones can be seen at the Granisle Museum.

Above Photo: Also in the Granisle Memorial Park, it appears to be an amphitheater where folks can host events from, or maybe where a band performs from.

Above Photo: Babine Lake seen from Granisle, B.C.

Above Photo: Boats tied up at the marina on Babine Lake in Granisle. 

Welcome to the Village of Granisle's webpage.

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