Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fall Colours And Twin Falls Smithers British Columbia (Photo/Videos)

Above Photo: One of the two waterfalls, this one has a lot of water rushing over the rock and a long drop down into the creek below.

My wife and I took a drive out to the Twin Falls in Smithers, B. C. today so I could grab some photos and video of the falls. 

Above Photo: On the right hand side of the picture, you will notice the second and smaller waterfall of the two. Both are awesome to see.

From the parking lot, it is a short, and easy hike to the falls with picnic tables scattered about if you should need to take a short rest. There is also a viewing platform in which you can stand on and watch the water cascade over the falls and down to the ground. 

Above Photo:  There actually is a third waterfall, when you reach the first of the picnic tables, look to your right, and up to see another Falls.

Above Photo: The water in the creek takes on a slight glacial colour which looks really pretty, 
but it is very cold.

Directly below, two video clips of the Twin Falls.

Twin Falls Smithers, British Columbia Video Clip 1:

We also made a few stops along the way, one of them was to Lake Kathlyn, also in Smithers.

Above Photo: Lake Kathlyn is a beautiful lake and just minutes from downtown Smithers.

Above Photo: Lake Kathlyn is a beautiful lake with the bright colours of Fall showing.

At another stop I took some photos from, was on the top of Hungry Hill just outside of Houston.

Above Photo: A look back at the mountain and where the Twin Falls are located.

Above Photo: A look at the mountains in the far distance and Lake Kathlyn is just out of sight.

Above Photo:  At the pullout on the top of Hungry Hill which is just outside of Houston, B.C.

Above Photo:  Another photo from the top of Hungry Hill.

Above Photo: Another film from the top of Hungry Hill, and as you drop down into the valley you can see a fog which is slowing being burnt off.

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