Thursday, October 29, 2015

Telkwa British Columbia (Photos/Video)

Above Photo: Road sign welcoming travelers to Telkwa, British Columbia.

A few days ago we drove out to Telkwa from our home in Houston, British Columbia. It was such a beautiful day we decided to head out. 

This time I wanted to get some pictures from around the two bridges that are really close together. One of the bridges is for the CN Railway, and the other for vehicle traffic. The Telkwa River runs under the Railroad bridge, and the river flowing under the vehicle bridge is the Bulkley River.

Above Photo: The bridge at the left hand side of the picture is for vehicle traffic 
and the other for CN Railway.

While I was there I managed to film a train that was rumbling over the Telkwa river. Also below is some information on the Village of Telkwa British Columbia.

Below Link: To view the video of the CN train crossing the Telkwa River, 
Telkwa, British Columbia.

Below Text Source Information: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Telkwa is a village located along British Columbia Highway 16, nearly 15 kilometres (9 miles) southeast of the town of Smithers and 350 kilometres (220 mi) west of the city of Prince George, in northwest British Columbia, Canada.

Above Photo: Looking down stream at the Bulkley River.

Settlement in the area began around 1904 in a town site known as Aldermere on the hill above Telkwa. Around 1907, people began to move down the hill to be closer to water supplies and the anticipated route of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. 

Above Photo: Looking at the Telkwa River flowing under the CN railroad bridge.

The name Telkwa is possibly a native term for "meeting of the waters" which appropriately describes the confluence of the Bulkley and Telkwa Rivers in town.

Via Rail's Jasper – Prince Rupert train calls at the Telkwa railway station several times per week.

Above Photo: The bridge at the left hand side of the picture is for vehicle traffic 
and the other for CN Railway. It worked out good as a train was passing by.

The history of the town can be explored at the Telkwa Museum and on a tour of the historic former town site of Aldermere. 

Telkwa hosts an annual barbecue and demolition derby on Labour Day weekend. The town also has Eddy Park, at the riverside with a small gazebo, right off the highway.

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