Monday, August 24, 2015

“Lets Explore Houston” In British Columbia (Topley 4-H Club)

Above Photo: Members of the Topley 4-H Club.

On August 23, 2015 I left home and drove over to the Houston Mall. From there I walked around town looking at what the town merchants had on display. There were a lot of things happening, and I will post each one on their own.

There was one display which really caught my eye, which was the young people from the Topley 4-H Club. These kids put a lot of time, money into raising an animal which they called Haybale. 

I knew some kids from Houston years ago who were part of the 4-H Club, and the purpose of raising the steer was to later auction it off and the funds went to help others in their community.

Same thing with these 4-H Club members, they raise the steer/care for it and later at the Bulkley Valley Exhibition in Smithers, British Columbia, auction it off. The money raised helps out others in the community. 

These young people really deserve a lot of credit for what they do, they get up, work at caring for the steer and everything else that goes with it. They take on a roll of responsibility, not doing for themselves, but doing for others.

For myself, it was the highlight of the “Lets Explore Houston” day.

The below message is from the Topley 4-H Club members, inviting everyone out to the Bulkley Valley Exhibition to enjoy a day of fun, and to bid on their steer which raises funds for worthy causes around their home community. In their letter, they describe just where the funds go for.

A big thanks to a great group of kids. 

Above Photo: Haybale, one good looking Steer.

Dear Sir/Madam

The Topley 4-H club would like to invite you to the Bulkley Valley Exhibition August 27-30th. 

There are many things you can do at the fair, and while you are there enjoying the rides, come back and check out all of the 4-H projects.

On Saturday the 28th at 2:00 p.m. the 4-H auction will be held, and our donation steer Haybale will be auctioned off, after all the other projects have been auctioned off.

The profit that we make on our donation steer will go to the Houston Public Library, Pleasant Valley Senior Housing, and the Bulkley Valley 4-H Council. The Houston Public Library will be using the money for further developing the technology they have.

The Pleasant Valley Retirement Housing will be using the money towards continued building of the 6 plex, and the Bulkley Valley 4-H Council will be using the money towards financial support.

We hope to see you at the Bulkley Valley Exhibition.

Thank you.

Topley 4-H Club.

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