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Times With Billy And Boon Our Boys And Myself In Search Of That Bed Of Gold In British Columbia (Funny Trip)

Times With Billy And Boon Our Boys And Myself In Search Of 
That Bed Of Gold In British Columbia (Funny Trip)

It was time to try different things in my life so I moved to the northwestern part of British Columbia. A beautiful small town called Houston. 

My brother-in-law and his brother lived here and we always had a really good time together. If it was doing nothing, but yakking, fishing or out looking for some minerals, the times we shared were filled with fun and many laughs. 

We thought we would take a trip back to the Barkerville area where there is a place still that holds good color and great fishing, so we got things ready and headed off. 

There was my son Jamie, Billy and his son Billy Jr., Boon and myself. We hooked the tent trailer to the truck, said our goodbyes and headed for the gold country. What we were to find most was mosquitoes and every kind of blood sucking bug that drained you darn near dry. 

Ice on the puddles when you woke up in the morning after freezing all night long. Underbrush that was so thick you would need a chain saw and six months to go one hundred feet, but still the country was really wonderful to see. 

We pulled into the Provincial campground at Barkerville for the first night. Lots of good sites to stay in, set up the tent trailer and the boys pup tent. Got things sorted out and were ready for an early start the next day. 

That evening we sat around the camp fire having a few drinks telling stories and talking about what George and I had done. As the time was getting late, the two boys hit the hay and Billy and I climbed into the tent trailer. Boon was still outside finishing his drink and we were making ourselves comfortable inside the trailer. 

But alas..... we had forgotten to secure the metal back legs from the tent trailer to the ground. Suddenly amid much chaotic squeals and moans, down we went, falling to one end. Bedding, drinks, food, and us. 

We looked amusingly like a see-saw gone wrong. All the weight at one end of the trailer, a few drinks under our belts and our smiles and laughter all made it a difficult task to "upright" ourselves. The more we tried, the worse it got. 

Boon in the meantime couldn't control himself. He was in fits of laughter. Our stupidity and "helplessness" made it all the more funny. Asking him to help us was like trying to get the cow to jump over the moon. He wanted to help but couldn't. His brain and his body had malfunctioned at the sight of us all. 

Knowing that we were not going to get any assistance from old Boonie, we tried to sort ourselves out. We climbed, we laughed, we slid backwards. It seemed like for every step we went forward, we then went five steps in the other direction. 

After what seemed like hours, Billy made his way to the door to freedom and was able to help me escape the chaos inside. We finished the night with lots of laughter and said our prayers that we had not been captured on the "funniest home video show".

After a hearty breakfast when the sun came up, we all headed out on our adventure. The boys hadn't been aware of our late night predicament, but asked us what all the laugher was that they had heard. Billy, Boon and I all looked at each other with smiles on our faces and timidly told our "sons" how brave we were in the face of complete disaster. 

We were out searching for that bed of gold when Billy spotted a small, but inviting lake, as he wanted to wet his line. We made our way to the water's edge, to surprisingly find a floating island of thick mossy grasses in the middle. We tossed our lines in the hope of catching our lunch and sure enough lunch appeared on the end. The fishing was excellent. They were so plentiful we decided to catch and release apart from the ones we had kept for our supper. 

While fishing to our hearts' content, we all had an overwhelming urge to find out what was really on the little piece of floating land, which so prominently took our attention. We had to have a look. Out came the boat, we carried it to the waters edge, launched her and our invasion commenced. Some invasion. We retreated pretty quick smart. The first foot to land disappeared about six inches beneath the moss. The following foot followed the first foot. Up and down we all went with fishing rods in hand, looking like a bunch of ants on a bowl of jelly. 

Finding that the fishing was no better on "our" island, we retreated to the safety of solid ground. We fished for the remaining few hours of that afternoon and decided to camp where we were. It would be a fresh start in the morning heading to a pre-arranged site, which had been selected from one of George's and my sessions. It was all marked down on the map. We had a regular map, we had aerial photographs and we had pinpointed exactly where we had to go. 

What we didn't realize at the time was that our trek was going to take us on a long hike through the toughest and most dense territory we had ever been into. Our hiking path lead us passed objects that I had seen whilst under hypnosis and projecting to this area. 

All the signs were right, but the landscape was too tough for what time we had available to spend on this short trip. We decided it would be best to forget about this spot at this time and return at a later date. On our way home we stopped off at some rivers and small streams and tried our hand at panning. We came up with some really good color. This spot is still there and will be investigated further as I believe that what is there will be more than we all may realize. We had a fun trip, filled with laughs, good times and lots of fond memories. We will return.

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