Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park Parksville Vancouver Island B.C. (Photos)

Above Photo: Brian Vike, enjoying a day at the beach.

On one of our visits to Vancouver Island here in British Columbia, we caught the BC Ferry out of West Vancouver/Horseshoe Bay heading to Departure Bay/Nanaimo.

From Nanaimo we drove to Parksville, it was a really nice drive along Highway 19, and the scenery was great.

When arriving at the Provincial Park, we parked the vehicle and walked to the beach. It was a sunny hot day, the tide was in. You could see for miles out over the water.

Above Photo: On the beach at the Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park.

We decided to sit down on a log, and we started to watch a fellow who walk into the water, I guess to take a swim. 

I was surprised as the man walked, and walked out further in the water, but it never seemed to get any deeper. He was way out there, and the water was not even up to his waist. Eventually he laid down in the water, and did take that swim.

Above Photo: It never seemed to get much deeper.

There were a lot of people around, laughing and enjoying their day out at the beach.

A while had passed, and still watching the man, he made his way into the shore, then out of the blue turned into this hideous creature, as seen in the photo. 

Well that hideous creature turned out  to be my son. We all laughed and went on enjoying our day. It truly is a beautiful place to visit and I certainly will be heading back, but this time, taking in a lot more of the park.

Above Photo: The hideous creature, my son. 

Map Directions: The link provided will give you directions to the Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park from the B.C. Ferries. (From Nanaimo,  Departure Bay)

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